Why I see Thailand as memorable

06/01/2014 19:06

"I live to travel," that has been my motto in existence. Even lesser are the areas whose memories are etched in my own mind for life. Siam is among the rare countries that I've arrived at fall in-love with. In the lack of that, I think there is rarely another area where you are able to get better value for the money. 

Apart from Bangkok, Phuket is probably the most wellknown destination in Siam. Laying on the outer most point of the country, Phuket has one of the most amazing beaches in the world. But it's the 2006 Tsunami that shot Phuket to fame to the planet and it was for no great motive. Thanks God I wasn't there when the catastrophe struck as I find myself visiting Thailand quite frequently. To me, what I recall the most about Phuket is the beach massage that I had there. The expertise of viewing the sun evaporating slowly from your horizon as you enjoy a comforting Thai massage is really one kind of its own. 

Chiang Mai is one place in Siam that guarantees to be different from your other areas of Siam. If you are comfortable with Siam, you had understand that many of the tourism spots are found along the coastal region which means they are mostly beach destination. On the Other-hand, Chiang Mai has a considerably more agreeable and cooling weather throughout the year which is a result of how it lies in quite high altitude. It's also occur to be fairly near the border dividing Siam with its norther neighbors, specifically Laos and Cambodia. If you visit Chiang Mai, heading to the gold triangle area is one thing that you should not miss aside from your energetic night market. 

It addresses such places as Krabi and Koh Samui and they are definitely areas that you should not miss when you are planning your travel itinerary to the nation. What makes me amazed is the nevertheless pristine beaches you are able to find in these places despite the heavy tourism presence which usually have resulted in over-commercialisation. You can scarcely find such places anymore nowadays. Don't neglect to check the calendar to make sure that the time of your visit does not coincide with the monsoon season when you'd discover many attractions to be closed.